Wear protective eye covering and make sure that you measure twice and cut once to avoid making any mistakes. We are going to provide you with the supplies that you will need to make a basic, stationary ramp. We will also give you a few added supplies that you may want to add if you want to spice things up a bit. Remember, if your ramp will stay outside, then you will want to purchase treated wood, or you will need to seal or paint it to protect it.

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You can install a second 370 motor in addition to the pre-installed motor to supply the truck with more speed and power. All you have to do is to install the second motor in the open motor mount. The tires of this truck are large and feature realistic two-tone rims that provide enough traction. Make sure to always dry them thoroughly before putting the vehicle away, and if you are often driving in a wet environment, consider purchasing waterproof batteries. Apply a thin layer of the conformal coating across the whole bottom part of the receiver.

Allow it to dry completely, and then apply a thin layer of the coating on the circuit board’s top part. All of them are good for waterproofing your RC vehicle, and the most commonly used are the acrylic, silicone, and urethane conformal coating. Liquid electrical tape can also be used for waterproofing electrical components. However, one of the problems with liquid tape is that it is very messy and hard to apply evenly. The PlastiDip method is used primarily on the ESC’s, servo’s and receiver’s circuit boards. Their circuit boards are either dipped or sprayed with PlastiDip, which seals them and protects them from moisture. The balloon method is an old school method that has been, and still is, used by some hobbyists to waterproof the electrical parts of their RC trucks.

In general, plastic chassis are the softest and allow the most flex, but are the most cost effective. The Losi Raminator produces enough power from its high-torque, three-port M26MB nitro engine that can be tuned and maintained easily.

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To protect your work area and help prevent small parts and tools from rolling around, spread a towel over your work surface. With the included 6-cell 7.2V NiMH pack, you’ll enjoy approximately 4-8 minutes of run time and speeds of 20+ MPH . The vehicle’s EC3™ battery connector allows the use of Spektrum™ Smart 2S LiPo batteries with no adapter needed. Open the hood and you’ll find that the provided motor, ESC, receiver, and battery are all readily accessible, making maintenance and upgrading easy for anyone. Replica K10 wheels and tires continue the model’s faithful scale looks. The soft, all-terrain tread pattern is well-suited for running on any surface. The Peterbilt 379 RC chassis is a great choice for the first time buyer, or for the experienced racer looking for a new challenge.

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This is the site where me and the team share our experiences and knowledge with you. Bearings and bushings can be found on the motor, axels, wheels, differential, and driveshaft. And applying a little dab of marine grease on them and working it in can work wonders in extending the life of your bearings and bushing.

The major difference between the three RC Raminator truck models is the scale size; they are all different. We will look at the features and specifications of each Raminator truck so you can know the differences. I’m so happy that I got back into this cool hobby that I did as a kid. I love taking my son out on the weekends and ripping up some dirt with our RC’s.

I build all kinds of 1/14 scale semi trucks, vans, tractors and big rigs. I’ve been building RC trucks since 2005 and have been building them professionally since 2009.

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Springs load from the top of the shocks, making them almost impossible to lose. The shocks also arrive factory-set to handle everything from speed runs to snow and mud chucking. Wherever you run, these high-quality units keep your monster truck stable and in control. 14 scale rc semi trucks are one of the most popular sizes for big rig lovers. 14 scale rc semi trucks have a long wheel base and can be difficult to steer and control. They are also very heavy, so when you hit something, it will probably go through it. The INFRACTION® 4X4 Mega Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck RTR includes the Spektrum™ SLT3™ transmitter and SLR300 receiver.