Once you’ve built up a solid inventory, you’ll need to find somewhere to sell it. Most likely, your primary sales channel will be an online store. Sally Lauckner is an editor on NerdWallet’s small-business team. She has over a decade of experience in print and online journalism. Before joining NerdWallet in 2020, Sally was the editorial director at Fundera, where she built and led a team focused on small-business content.

Here is a list of our partners and here’s how we make money. B2BWoo is a platform designed for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, that enables them to effortlessly incorporate wholesale into their WooCommerce store. If you’re a WooCommerce B2B store owner and want to enhance your productivity, then B2BWoo is the best option for you.

Hello, if you are in the Sacramento area, feel free to bring it by the shop anytime. If not, checkout our remote jewelry buying page to learn our process for appraising and buying jewelry through the mail. I would recommend checking our our article on the different kinds of jewelry value to understand the difference between appraised value and resale value.

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In most cases, the stones will be remounted in new earring mountings, or possibly put into other jewelry, or even sold loose. Just make sure you go to a buyer with a gemologist on staff (like us 🙂 ) who can accurately grade your diamonds and pay you accordingly. I would like to make money in selling jewelry and would like to get into the business but I have no clue.

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Join tens of thousands of ecommerce brands to get more articles like this and our latest resources delivered to your inbox. China, the United States, and countries throughout Europe are all great markets for jewelry. However, newer industrialized countries are expected to make up a larger portion of jewelry sales as their per capita income continues to rise. Identify a niche or speciality by offering a product that’s hard to find or doesn’t already exist.

This depends on where you’re located, where the vendor is located, and what you negotiate for shipping costs and shipping time. For instance, if you can afford Priority Overnight for each item, then you can expect a 1-day turnaround for shipping. Any products are sent directly back to the manufacturer either for a replacement or a repair,. However, turnaround time is often slow especially for overseas facilities and most manufacturers are not equipped to handle repairs. Shipping fees can be costly, especially for rush repairs and international packages.

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It’s also important to find a supplier who is reliable and has quality products. Most reputable manufacturers have ISO certification, which is an international quality standard. Registering your business is important because it allows you to sell your jewelry under a legal business name. This can help build trust with customers and offer tax benefits. One of the greatest joys of being an artist is sharing your work with the world.